How to Take Yoga Photos for Instagram…

JP Sears_Yoga

The three most important things in my life are God, my family, and my Instagram account, and not necessarily in that order…  ~JP Sears

Bro, How long does it take you to take a picture? I can’t hold this all day…~(also) JP Sears

I apparently don’t spend enough time on Youtube or roll with the right crowd on Facebook because, well, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen an Ultra Spiritual Life episode starring JP Sears. How is that possible?! He’s hilarious!

My lovely wife (who’s not all that into yoga, but does put up with piles of yoga paraphernalia tucked into every closet in the house) sent me this spoofy collaboration between JP and real-life yoga photographer Brian Crawford poking a bit of good-hearted fun at a certain segment of the yoga world’s seeming obsession with striking the perfect pose in front of the camera. (Who doesn’t love seeing perfectly struck yoga poses against picturesque backgrounds?) I couldn’t help but laugh the whole way through the episode.

Great humor, great quotes, excellent photography, and actually quite good yoga poses–definitely Instagram-worthy. enjoy!

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  1. Lol this is awesome! I can’t post yoga pics to Instagram without cracking up. Contrived photos are pretty silly, but Instagram is a really great resource for marketing, which can lead to good business. As long as yoga pics give me vibes for connection not competition, I don’t mind when I see them.

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  3. Instagram is key for YOGA, we also do a bunch with our Facebook profile as well. You should check both out and follow along with our challenges and giveaways. This week we are giving away a MASSIVE prize to a Yoga Retreat / Festival for UDAYA LIVE.

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