The Rad Health Benefits of Yoga

yoga--more yoga

Let’s get real for a moment Daily Cup of Yoga readers: There’s a large portion of the population who STILL think yoga is only for the hippies and the naturally flexible…s.m.h.

Many of us know that yoga is so much more than that and has a growing body of research and studies proving its incredible health benefits. That’s why the new up and coming YouTube Channel, The Health Nerd, has taken a moment to break down some of the science of why yoga is so amazing.

The video is aptly named The Rad Health Benefits of Yoga and is

  • Fun
  • Educational
  • Packed with yoga goodness we can all appreciate

Check out the short 3 ½ min video below and see for yourself 🙂

Also, if you enjoyed the video and are feeling particularly generous, consider giving them a “like” or a “subscribe” for helping take yoga out of the dark.


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