Third Installment of the Overly Brief and Incomplete History of Yoga

Thanks for keeping the updates coming Alison! Click the graphic for full-size PDF. To compare this flowchart with the first two, click here and here.

As a lamp in a windless place…

As a lamp in a windless place does not waver, so the yogi whose mind is focused remains always steady in meditation on the transcendent self. -Bhagavad Gita 6.19

Fresh Set of Ashtanga Yoga Illustrations

A unique set of ashtanga-inspired illustrations for your viewing pleasure.

Yoga Challenge Day 8: Sunday Morning

Yoga as a path is the way out of our present conditioning and the way toward freedom from habitually ensnaring conditions..." ~ Michael Stone in The Inner Tradition of Yoga sunday morning, originally uploaded by gosia janik. Looking forward to…

Filament: A yoga poem from a new friend

Filament arms arch upward fingers interlace of course I’m stretching of course it’s early morning summer here upon us arriving curved upward haze behind a building announces the day coming. of course I haven’t got my mind yet haven’t quite…

Window Dressing…Yoga Style Part II

basia lipska, originally uploaded by gosia janik.