Chant to Breathe Better

As a follow up to yesterday's popular post on how to gross out your friends with a steady stream of water out the nose, there may be a more mild-mannered method for clearing your head. Researchers have determined that the…

Don’t Touch My Neti Pot! The Ancient Practice of Nasal Cleansing

A dry heave would probably be the appropriate reaction from a person witnessing for the first time the ancient practice of nasal cleaning. While it's not a particularly pleasant event for a bystander, a good nasal cleansing session can lead…

Keep Your Spine Healthy at Work with Chair Yoga

In this clip, Rodney Yee explains how a few yoga moves can keep your spine healthy even if you're stuck in a chair all day.

Weekend Yoga Thoughts: Taming Information Overload

We live in a day and age of information overload. You know exactly what I mean. In fact, you're probably sitting there at your computer right now beginning to think to yourself that you've spent way too much time on…

Weekend Yoga Video: B.K.S. Iyengar Pranayama Demonstration

I always have to round out a questionable yoga clip [see previously posted Kung Fu v. Yoga clip] with something more respectable. Check out this pranayama demonstration by B.K.S. Iyengar and be seriously amazed.

Weekend Yoga Video: How to Breathe Better (Rodney Yee)

Since today's King of the Hill Yoga Clip was a bit over the top, here's a short clip that might actually be useful in your yoga practice. Rodney Yee briefly explains how better breathing leads to better health.