Check out the updated “overly brief and incomplete history of yoga” flowchart

Happy to share the latest version of this
yoga lineage flowchart from Alison Hinks.

Have fun comparing with the previous version of the chart.


  1. Hi Brian,

    awesome work you did there! It helped me get some new insight into the hidden lines of Yoga traditions.

    If you strive for perfection you could add some lines and additions:

    – From Vishnu Devananda indirect to Sharon Gannon and David live. They both lived and taught in a Shivananda Ashram quite a while.
    – From Richard Freeman to John Friend. As far as I know he studied a while there and you will see quite some influence.
    – You could add Rahma Mohan Bramachari – The teacher of Krishnamacharya. Rahma Mohan was part of the Himalayan Hatha Tradition. This tradition also refers back to Matsyendranath. This is a long and very interesting lineage. But I think it would be too much to add every teacher in this lineage to the chart.
    – I’m also not really convinced about the big line from Patanjali to Raja Yoga. In fact the term “Raja Yoga” was used with various meanings over time. Setting “Raja Yoga” synonym to Patanjali’s Yoga was first done by Vivekananda. So only from our modern view point your line is absolutely correct.

    Yoga philosophy and tradition is like an ocean. Always new things to explore.

    enjoy your practice


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