The Sacred Symbol “Om”

This beautiful poster has a variety of photographs of the “OM” symbol found all over India. The text on the poster reads:

The sacred symbol OM is found throughout India not only in temples, but also on walls, trucks and doors reminding those who see it all is One Consciousness.

Om is the eternal Existence, Consciousness and Bliss. This entire universe, including our body, mind and senses, is its manifestation, extension and expansion. Past, present and future all are nothing but OM. This was true in the past, it is true in the present and will be true in the future. And whatever else exists beyond the three divisions of time, that also is indeed OM. What is the essence of OM? It is the eternal vibration of awareness.

The poster is available for purchase on (sometimes).


  1. your not going to like this, but in my youth i was slipped some industrial strength acid, and i was lying on a school field looking at the clouds, then they started moving like smoke, into the veryshape you describe, only difference was that it was like a reverse ‘e’ with only 2 dots behind, and i was told by a voice it was Gods name, i only saw the om symbol about 2 years ago, and this happened about 25 years ago, and since then i have shunned earth religions, believing that this symbol was the true God,,,stange but true,

  2. This year has been quite interesting for me, I’ve been exposed to many items like this since I started working at Dharma Boutique earlier this year. Anyhow, I really like the poster, thanks for sharing.


  3. Devo, no need to avoid earth bound religions. Just take with a grain of salt.:) There are many people that have seen/heard God, just not many that believe. The hallucination may have been put in place by God to protect you. Because you are a part of ‘him’ in this Now–time isn’t a restriction. That’s what is eternal.

  4. How big is this poster? I need an Om poster for my dorm room 🙂 And I want it to be pretty big but not huge :)!

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