Ashtanga Primary Series on Yoga Today

I’m sure you’ve already seen the ads in your favorite yoga magazine for Yoga Today and thought to yourself, “Yeah right, free yoga, whatever. There’s got to be a catch.” Well, if you haven’t taken the opportunity to get some free yoga instruction from Adi, Neesha and Sarah, filmed on location in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, it might be time you took a look at what Yoga Today has to offer and download an episode or two. Other than a few advertisements at the beginning of each session, there really is no catch. You have the option of either streaming the session you’re interested in or downloading it for later viewing. It’s also an added bonus that the visual quality of the videos is pretty dang good. If you don’t mind waiting for a 1 GB download, you can even watch the lessons on your computer in high-definition (although they also have smaller size downloads of lesser, but still great quality). For anyone who doesn’t have ready access to a yoga class or is just too cheap to actually pay for yoga instruction, Yoga Today totally rocks.

The classes vary in their ability levels, although from what I can tell it seems like most of the classes are either for beginner or all levels. Yesterday’s session (number 269) was the first of three sessions focusing on the Primary Series of Ashtanga. [Click here to view it now or here to download it in Quicktime to view whenever you have time – update – no longer available – sorry]. Other than the four interruptions I had from my daughter (who was watching Curious George at 6 o’clock in the morning) I felt like I got a pretty good workout. While video yoga will never replace good old-fashioned personal instruction, if you’re looking for a way to spice up your home practice Yoga Today just might be the ticket.

Yoga Today

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