George Bush is a Yoga Soldier

bush_yoga_the_book.jpgIf any of you were wondering how President G.W. Bush maintains his focus and clarity in these trying times, well, look no further. In addition to his jogging and mountain biking, apparently he doesn’t mind suiting up for a little yoga action. Check out Bush Yoga for the rest of the series. Oh, and there’s a book if you need some additional inspiration.  I’ve wondered if Bill Clinton was into yoga, but I think Kama Sutra is more his thing.





  1. I am so appreciative that I am able to count on you for a funny comment or post! Just last evening I shared with a yoga class (I subbed for the first time for my teacher!!!) about the power of daily laughter. Here’s two quotes I shared with the class:

    “Time spent laughing is time spent with the gods.” – Japanese proverb
    “We can never know all the good that a simple smile will do.” -Mother Teresa

    I extra love the comment about Bill!

  2. I would not have believed it if I didn’t see it! I’m quite amazed by the great resemblance of the doll to the real thing. I wonder if the next time they can just make the doll without those combat boots. I’d love to see a barefoot GB, all dressed up like a soldier, Hee hee. 😀

  3. Elsie – That’s kind of what I was thinking. Who the heck does yoga in combat boots? His outfit looks like a parachute jumpsuit, so when I look at the pictures I kind of imagine George floating down in the sky, pulling off his best yoga moves in mid-air.

  4. Who the heck does Warrior in combat boots ?!?! Well, for starters, I do. Those of us who spend our nights under lights and sirens need yoga, too, and the soldiers who live in them nonstop reap the benefits as well. In fact, there’s a great project for returning soldiers we can all participate in… Check it out!

  5. Yogaguide –
    Thanks for pointing me towards I’d previously read some of the articles posted there. That subject has particular relevance for me since I’m soon to begin service with the Air Force as a JAG (military attorney). I’ve wondered how a soldier that does “yoga” would be received in the military, but hopefully I’ll be able to share some of the things I’ve learned about yoga and its benefits with those who need it most.

  6. I like the combat boots. I suspect they would provide a small amount of additional weight for poses like plough. Perhaps they will be the next hot yoga prop!

  7. Dubya is a certified halasana expert. Didnt u see how sharp his reflexes were when he ducked at the shoe hurled at him in iraq.

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