Don’t forget to breathe!

So, here’s the deal. You’re probably sitting there in front of your computer, surfing from site to site, picking up all sorts of good information on how to live a more happy and fulfilling life and stuffing your mind with great ideas, most of which were thought up by pretty regular people.

Isn’t it fantastic how much we can learn from each other these days?

The main problem with all of this web surfing and information gathering is that most of us sit there at the computer with perfectly slouchy posture. Not good. Not only that, we often sit in front of the computer breathing ridiculously shallow breaths, as if oxygen were in short supply and we don’t want to be the jerk who used it all up.

Well, last I heard there’s plenty of quality air to go around (unless of course you were in Mike Myers’ yoga class a few months ago), so why not take a second to sit up straight, remember that you are not slowly dying (well, we sort of are) and take some deep breaths. Even better, head over to Asia’s Pranablog, enjoy the beautiful photographs and read up on some yoga postures that will help you breathe better.

Enjoy the weekend!

P.S. If anyone is looking for a new addiction to replace an old one, I recommend Dark Chocolate Dipped Altoid Mints.


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