Yantra Meditation – Satisfy Your Inner Artist

While reading through the August 2008 edition of Yoga Journal, one of the articles about yantra meditation stood out to me and has been bouncing around in my head for days.  Yantras are sacred geometrical symbols from the Tantrics of ancient India.  Yantric geometric designs are conceived of as containers for spiritual energy.  Apparently the practice of meditating on various yantra diagrams for the purpose of of cultivating the universal healing qualities believed to reside in the images has been in use in the Himalayan region of Northern India since 2000 BC.  

Yantras come in several designs.  Check out the examples below that I found on Yoga Journal.  The design contained in each yantra manifests a different quality such as radiance, intellect, organization, nourishment, expansion, uniqueness, passion, bliss, spirituality, etc.  Find the yantra that corresponds with the quality you would like to cultivate in your life and then meditate on it.  If nothing else you can print off the designs below and then color them with your kids.  To find out more about yantras, visit author Sarah Tomlinson’s website or read her book Nine Designs for Inner Peace.  



  1. I loved the article about satisfying your inner artist. I have been practicing yoga for 4 years and have begun to have a great understanding about the creativity that has been laying dormant inside me for so long. Finally I am blossoming with a burst of creativity when I created http://www.lovepeaceyoga.com. I have designed beautiful and unique yoga sling mat bags that are not only beautiful but fully functional as well. The vibrant colors bring a smile to my face and those around me. Each bag is unique unto itself as we all are. please visit my site. I will link your site to mine and wish that you would do the same for me.

    namaste.. jill

  2. I really find this subject interesting. I just started working with a guy in Leverett MA who sells devotional items from India and I found the idea of sacred geometry quite refreshing. In my experience not many spiritual experiences involve anything that resembles a scientific side. If you have any other info on this subject I’d love to read more about it.

    Matt @ Dharma Boutique

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