Finding Time For “Me”…Is It Possible?

Camillia Lee - alone in the treesI cherish time alone. Time to be in the quiet and spaciousness of life. Time to stare out the window and wonder what if questions. Time to hear my breath and place my hand on my heart to feel my internal rhythm. Time to create, read, write down ideas, and drink French press coffee. Time to lie on the floor in my bedroom to connect my spine to the earth while listening to the words of Bob Marley or Tori Amos. Time to root through my closet, create outfits, and put on a personal fashion show. Time to write cards and read cooking magazines. Time to hear the creaky sounds of the house and the squirrels running along the roof. Time to listen to my thoughts and not use my voice or my ears for conversation. Time to reflect on how my outer landscape is aligning with my inner galaxy. Time for me and time to just be.

It’s not often that I am able to carve out this time. With a full house, it is sweet, ever sweeter these days, to hear only my breath and the flipping of the pages of my book. Lately, I have been asking myself….What is created in the spaces in between? If the spaciousness created by being with just me is sparing, how else can I be with myself? How else can I give to myself? Where else can I create this den to hibernate in? I lean into moments of aloneness whether it is driving from where I live to where I work, walking along Main Street to get a coffee, or cooking a meal that warms my heart and belly even while the living room is alive with news headlines and conversation. I’m experimenting with time and space. I am leaning into new ways of being with me.

Since the present undeniably transitions into the past and the future holds shiny allure, it is a practice to be in the spotlight of now. For me, space and silence offer an invitation to melt into the now with ease and grace. However, the hum of life can easily consume this space and silence. To draw myself into the moment and back into my bones, I go to my yoga mat. I surrender myself to a yoga practice offered in a filled room and with a teacher who guides with presence and kindness. I sink into my mat, heavy with relief, need, and commitment. I offer my breath, sweat, and focus to reclaiming myself again and again. And I recommit to myself, all those things that I know to be true within me and all those things that I want in my life….abundance, grounding, security. I recommit to living fully. At the close of my practice, I offer gratitude to this time and space to be with me. I am reminded that I always have the opportunity to turn my gaze inward and make any moment a haven, a time to be with me.

I would love to hear how alone time and spaciousness show up in your life. Where do you find moments of presence and openness? How do you offer yourself care and attention?


Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Amanda Upton, a life coach, career coach, educator and yoga teacher based out of Brattleboro, Vermont.  Her passion is supporting men and women in creating a life they really want and love.  Along with putting her heart and soul into her work, she dances wherever and whenever she can, swims in lakes, oceans, swimming holes, and pools, practices yoga on and off the mat, and cooks lots of veggies and Mexican food.  Visit her website,, follower her on Twitter, or like her on Facebook.

Photo credit: Camilia Lee

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