Another Kick in the Pants from the Universe


I love it when the universe sends me messages. But sometimes I can be a little dense, and it takes a few repeats or beats over the head for the lesson to finally soak in.

The perfect example of this occurred a few weeks ago in my Wednesday yoga class as I was sharing a few passages from the book Soul to Soul by John Mundahl and read this quote by Anthony DeMello:

“There’s only one reason why you’re not experiencing bliss at this present moment, and it’s because you’re thinking or focusing on what you don’t have.”

After reading this quote for the third time, it finally hit home. “Duh, Maria, think about what you are saying; you are the one not fully experiencing your bliss.”

It caused me to take a step back and realize that a good portion of my time I focus on what I don’t have – worrying about things like where I’m hoping to take my career, when I will ever be able to retire, when I will find stability in a few areas of my life, and during the winter, when I can move to a warmer climate already. All this forward thinking, worry, regret, and warm-weather envy is keeping me from living my bliss. And I don’t know about you, but I want to live in bliss!

Kick in the butt received. Message processed. And though it seems like it should be easy to change, I’m striving to not obsess over the things I don’t have right now and focus instead on all the wonderful gifts that I do possess.

I’d rather be in bliss working on the things I want to achieve in life than drowning in all the worry and fear of what I need to do to get there.

I’m ready to pitch my tent over at Camp Bliss, light a fire, get to work, and bask in blissfulness. Who wants to join me?

Thank you, universe! I’ll keep listening if you keep talking. Just please be patient with me.

Have you received any messages from the universe recently? If so, I’d love to hear about the kick in the caboose you received and how it’s helped you to live more mindfully.


Maria Santoferraro Bio PicEditor’s note: This is a guest post by Maria Santoferraro, RYT. She is first and foremost a student of yoga and hails from the beautiful shores of Lake Erie, Ohio. A former marketing executive with a ‘Crackberry’ addiction, she now enjoys spending her time teaching yoga on the beach, building yoga brands, and creating meditation videos for HangTen Meditation. Go from stressed out to blissed out on her blog The Daily Downward Dog , Twitter, and Facebook.  Join Maria for one of her Beach Yoga Bliss Retreats.

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