Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga with Kino MacGregor, Tim Feldmann and Greg Nardi

Despite the fact that we're all about 1/10 as flexible as Kino MacGregor, this "Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga" promises to be a great resource for passing on the tradition.  We'll let you know when it becomes available from Miami Life Center.…

Ashtanga Yoga Short Forms with David Swenson

When time is short, an abbreviated yoga routine is always better than no yoga at all.  Enjoy the insanely awesome benefits of Ashtanga yoga with these short form routines created by yoga pioneer David Swenson, author of everyone's favorite Ashtanga Yoga Practice Manual. 15 minute…

Fresh Set of Ashtanga Yoga Illustrations

A unique set of ashtanga-inspired illustrations for your viewing pleasure.

Commitment to Practice

As I've been slowly reading and enjoying Krishnamacharya over the last few weeks, I've been impressed by the dedication and commitment the modern sage required of his yoga students.  Most folks who take up yoga today, this yogi included, have no idea…

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