Making Your Yoga Practice a Moving Meditation

From interview of Ashtanga yoga pioneer, David Williams, in Guruji: More and more over the years, I work to make my yoga practice a moving meditation, and then at the end of my practice, when I get up and walk…

David Swenson on Change and Personal Growth

"If you want to grow... have to take that step into the unknown..."

A Sucker for Really Cool Yoga Art

Blending history with a dash of yogic humor, Boonchu Tanti's Ashtanga yoga illustrations capture the essence of the joy and playfulness of yoga.

Ever Wonder What a Typical Morning in Mysore is Like for an Ashtanga Yoga Freak?

Study this little piece of yogic art and you'll get the idea. Infographic by Boonchu Tanti; Edited by Leena Kinger

Ashtanga Yoga: Maria Villella on Finding the Balance on your Hands and in Your Life

If you enjoyed the first clip you may be interested in checking out Maria's Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Ashtanga Yoga teacher Maria Villella demonstrates the entire Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series with strength, grace and control. As you watch, and listen,…

Ashtanga Yoga Opening and Closing Mantra

Opening Mantra Listen here Closing Mantra Listen here.