Roll out the mat 30 day challenge – day 2

Today ended up being one of those challenging days where I normally would have never unrolled my mat. Busy from start to finish. However, when 10:30 rolled around tonight and I finally slowed down from the business of the day, I reminded myself to turn off my electronic gadgets and lay out my yoga blanket. Of course the mere act of laying out the blanket resulted in 30 minutes of mind calming restorative yoga poses. Luckily, right now I don’t feel like my yoga practice has to be a workout all the time since I get lots of fitness benefits from consistent running. Sometimes it just feels really nice to move and breathe slowly through a few simple poses.

I also discovered that there should be plenty of yoga class options on Okinawa. I spent a slow part of my afternoon combing through the YogaFit website since that’s where a number of teachers I’ve found received training.  YogaFit seems to have the corner on fitness center yoga teacher training.  I haven’t really looked at a lot of other teacher training programs, but I guess I felt mildly shocked at how much it costs to receive a 200 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification.


  1. YogaFit is very expensive in my opinion as the price is tuition only, it does not include meals or lodging.

    Training through the Amrit Yoga Institute is priced similarly (there is a substantial discount for early registration) but the price includes lodging and meals.

  2. I took the YogaFit Restorative Teacher Training in NJ last year and thought it was run pretty well. It would have been nice if it was not in a hotel ( the Hilton) and in a more sacred space though.

  3. Hey Brian
    im trying to email you off line to ask you something, but can’t find any contact info anywhere. Will you email me at the address listed above?

    Thanks!’ve got someone along with you on the Yoga Challenge….

  4. Congrats on your Bikram challenge! I have yet to attempt one, but I’m going for my first double tonight which I’m pretty stoked about 🙂 Feel free to check out my current post on it, and share your insights and feedback! Also, if you’re into poetry, I’ve just posted my second Bikram poem and would love to share.

    All best, and keep up with your awesome blogging and yoga!

    1. Thanks for dropping a note, Belovely! What an awesome blog you have!! The poetry…absolutely amazing:) You mind if I post part of your poem on my blog with a link back to yours? It definitely sounds like you have an intense dedication to Bikram yoga. After reading your current post about back-to-back Bikram classes it dawned on me that it’s been a while since I’ve had a real good knock-down drag-out yoga session. (Not going to happen tonight, unfortunately, as I write this while it’s 7:30 PM and I’m still at work with 400 pages of court record to proofread…) All the best, and Namaste!

      1. Hey Brian,
        So so glad you stopped by and enjoyed the blog! I get all giddy any time anyone posts a comment like yours ha 🙂 And YES, by all means, post the poem (whatever section or parts you like) or any content, really, from Alive in the Fire. As long as you’re willing to cite it (and perhaps link), that’d be awesome 🙂 Oh, and as for crazy-long yoga sessions, go for it!! I am totally impressed that you’re taking on a 30-day challenge with what sounds like a pretty time-intensive job as is. I’m betting somewhere along the line you’ll definitely be in the mood and find the time for a 2-class kind of day. I had my first tonight, and man it rocked! It was like I had a new spine during backbends, no wobbles during standing balancing series, and this intense relaxation all through class (of all things ha!). Anyway, sorry for the lengthy reply, but suffice to say I love my Bikram, and finding other bloggers who feel the same. Have a lovely holiday weekend and namaste!!

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